Theatrical Performances

Kinetic Affect puts on a show unlike any other spoken word show out there. Kirk and Gabriel impact others through the dynamic use of artistic collaboration in their performances as well as improvised moments throughout to elicit strong audience reactions. Their shows are always growing and forever changing as they seek to continue to challenge themselves, their artistic collaborators and audiences with new and ever evolving work.

The fully produced shows so far have included a multitude of artistic talents and gained popularity over time, starting with the sold-out Word Weavers show in 2007. Word Weavers: Encore followed with even more praise and community support. Kinetic Affect’s Collaboration with Farmer’s Alley Theatre resulted in their next two shows, Speak It Forward and Speak It Forward: Back By Popular Demand. More recently, Kinetic Affect has established its own collaborative performing space in Kalamazoo, MI and has launched it monthly series, Get Affected, featuring new artistic talent, and open mic and late night slam every month.

A new collaboration with Farmer’s Alley Theatre is being planned for May of 2010, a show featuring voices of the past, present and future. This is just a small taste of Kinetic Affect’s show production experience. There are many surprises yet to come.

 Word Weavers

The Word Weavers show is a multi-sensory experience combining the spoken arts of Kinetic Affect with other uniquely talented artists to tell the story of what it means to be human, what it means to be male, what it means to face yourself and come to terms with your past.

A show that has been heralded by audiences around the nation, Word Weavers represents an entirely new genre of Performance Theater, reaching audiences of all kinds, bridging age gaps everywhere and challenging gender and ethnicity stereotypes from the inner city to the suburban neighborhood.

A fusion of color, light, dance, vocal stylings, live music and poetry, Word Weavers has been described as a show that "is the best ever seen," proving, truly, that it must be seen to be believed.