Evelyn Rutsyamuka

 “Words really cannot describe in any way how much you have changed my life for the better…I want you to remember…what a difference you’ve made.”


Evelyn Rutsyamuka, third place forensics state finalist 2007

Calvin Moore

 "Kirk Latimer and Gabriel Giron performed for our institution and introduced many of our students to whole new worlds--the world of slam poetry and the world of social activism. Their performance, full of life and depth, touched our student body on so many different levels. Even now, we look forward to having them back. I would highly recommended Kinetic Affect!"


Calvin Moore, Student Action Diversity Committee, Rochester College

Paul Wilson

"Uplifting, positive, inspirational, and imaginative...this was my first exposure to performance poetry and I was amazed at the performances of Kirk and Gabriel. I am always interested in provocative and inspirational new ways to help a company get in touch with its soul."
Paul Wilson, founder, owner of, and creative consultant for BrandTraits

Tracey Smith

Kinetic Affect"I've been hosting and promoting poetry slams and spoken word events for over ten years now.  Along the way I've had the privilege of working with National Poetry Slam semi-finalists, individual World Poetry Slam finalists, and Def Poets, but I've never seen more creative synergy between two artists. Kinetic Affect's boundless energy and dedication to the art form has to be seen to be believed."

Tracey Smith, SlamMaster Kzoo Poetry Slam

Dianne E. Price

KineticAffect.com"Gabriel Giron and Kirk Latimer are at the leading edge of the Creative Class of the 21st Century. Wrapping the unvarnished truth in the sensual tools of movement, voice, music, and beat, "Kinetic Affect" weaves meaning in ways that brings one generation face-to-face with another. The artistry of Latimer and Giron is the raw expression of emotions in a way that conveys the angst, hope, love, humor, pathos, pain and pleasure that lives inside the rising generation and deep inside ourselves. Their uninhibited expression is remarkable in its ability to demonstrate that young men (and women) can indeed break out of convention - daring to dream, imagine, call out, and convey their wildest emotions and ideas."

Dianne E. Price, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Public Affairs